Hand hygiene

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2 litre can with handle and cap
Model: 04.ST580
With handle and cap..
Azo wipes, 100 wipes per box (bactericidal wipes)
Model: 04.6005
Azo wipes, 100 stuks per bus (bacteriende dodende doekjes)..
Azo wipes, 200 wipes per box (bactericidal wipes)
Model: 04.6010
Azo wipes, 200 stuks per bus (bacteriende dodende doekjes) ..
Disinfection gel, 100 ml
Model: 04.ST552
Content: 100 ml ..
Disinfection liquid, 5 litres
Model: 04.ST549
Content: 5 litres..
Disinfection liquid, 500 ml
Model: 04.ST563
Content: 500 ml ..
Disinfection spray, 100 ml
Model: 04.ST551
Content: 100 ml..
Disposable tweezers, sterile
Model: 04.0438
Color: green, sterile ..
Drain valve
Model: 04.ST572
For 5 litres can..
Hand disinfection gel, 500 ml
Model: 04.ST558
Content: 500 ml..
Hand disinfection liquid, 5 litres
Model: 04.ST557
Content: 5 litres..
Handalcohol, 100 ml
Model: 04.ST548
Content: 100 ml..
Handalcohol, 500 ml
Model: 04.ST546
Content: 500 ml..
Model: 04.KZ752
200 ml ..
Model: 04.VA697
Handzeep roze 5 litre..
InstantFOAM Cartridge, 1 liter
Model: 56827
Non-flammable, cartridge for dispenser article 98131-15 ..
InstantFOAM Dispenser
Model: 98131-15
Non-flammable, dispenser for article 56827 ..
Nail clippers, big
Model: 04.VA817
8 cm..
Plats spray
Model: 04.ST560
Content: 650 ml..
Model: 04.ST559
For 04.ST549, Desinfection, 5 litres..
Pump for swarfega handcleaner
Model: 04.VA694P
For 04.VA694, Swarfega handcleaner..
Refreshing wipes
Model: 04.VA8372593
125 wipes per pack..
Swarfega handcleaner
Model: 04.VA694
Garage soap, content: 4,5 litre ..