Corporate Social Responsibility

Personnel Policy

De Ridder Products attaches a great deal of value to its contribution to a sustainable society. One of the ways the company expresses this is through its personnel policy. De Ridder Products feels it’s important to give everyone equal opportunities within the employment market, which is why we work with employees who are further removed from the employment market than the average person. We also regularly work together with social workplaces and employment provisions in prisons, where we organise assembly work.

De Ridder Products also feels it’s important for people just joining the employment market to be given an opportunity to launch their professional career as soon as they have completed their studies. This is why we will often opt to fill vacancies with young people who have completed a sound preparatory education.

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Environmental Policy

De Ridder Products ensures its products don’t put an unnecessary burden on the environment during the production and/or logistical processes. One of the ways this is expressed is through our ISO 14001 certification. We put in every possible effort to ensure a minimum impact on the environment and society throughout the entire manufacturing chain, right through to the eventual delivery to our customers.