First aid kits

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Blood  Spill  Kit
Model: BHK-100
Makes dangerous cleanup safe and easy ..
E.H.B.O. bag with two compartments filled with B (04.VBK010)
Model: 04.056080
Size: 27 x 15 x 24 cm. Color: yellow/ blue..
Emergency content kit A
Model: R000VKA010
Content: 1x Betadine 30ml, 2x Cambric bandage 8cm, 2x Cambric bandage 10cm, 3x Sling, 3x bandage 6 c..
Emergency Content kit B
Model: R000VKB010
Content: 1x Betadine 10ml, 1x Cambric bandage 8cm, 1x Cambric bandage 10cm, 2x Sling, 3x bandage 6 c..
Emergency kit A with content
Model: R000VKA001
Size: 44,5 x 32 x 15 cm ..
Emergency kit B with content
Model: R000VKB001
Size: 25 x 18,5 x 8,3 cm ..
Emergency stretcher
Model: 04.061061
Color: gray ..
First aid rescue blanket, 210 x160 cm
Model: R00TRO1522
Color: silver/gold ..
Lifeline defribilator, semi automatic (AED)
Model: 04.071000
Color: orange/ black..
Paper cuspidor
Model: R000013361
Personal Protection Kit
Model: SBHK-5000
Head-to-toe personal protection—all in one convenient kit ..
Resuscitation kit in a black pouch
Model: R000VKLF22
Black pouch with press stud and possibility to put on your belt. This set contains: 2 latex gloves (..
Resuscitation kit leather
Model: 04.VKLF28
Black pouch with zipper and possibility to put on your belt. This set contains: 2 latex gloves (powd..
Sterile prepacked resuscitation cap
Model: R000VKLF21
Sterile prepacked CPR cap with personal protection against diseases. For single use only. ..
Stretcher Blanket
Model: 04.061072