Mouth hygiene

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All-In-One Disposable DentaSwab® Toothsponge, 10.2 cm
Model: DP
Pre-soaked with mint-flavored dentifrice..
Bob Barker Alcohol-Free Mouthwash, 118 ml
Model: AFM4
Packaged in plastic containers..
Crest® Toothpaste, 25 ml Tube
Model: PR39000
Loose packed..
Dental Floss Packets, 50.8 cm
Model: DFPK-M10
Individually packaged for easy distribution ..
Dental Floss, 11 meters
Model: DFL12
Clear plastic container to reduce the hiding of contraband..
Lip balm
Model: R0000KZ723
Listerine Alcohol-Free Mouthwash, 95 ml
Model: 30668
Packaged in plastic containers..
N95 General Industrial Odor-Removing   Respirator
Model: 3KP43
Great for all-purpose or short-term use ..
No-Shank® Toothbrushes, Clear
Model: R00000NSTB
Constructed of translucent materia to prevent the hiding of contraband ..
Toothbrush Cap, Cream
Model: NTBC
Easy push on/pull off style cap..
Toothbrush, deluxe
Model: R0000VA609
Vaseline Lip Therapy, 10 g
Model: 27507
Moisturizes and protects dry, chapped lips ..