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Model: Z9689-BK
Lid for article Z3825-BK and Z7268-BK..
Replacement element for article CL110WMT and CL110WM..
Modular  Racks with variable tier adjustment, 228.6 H x 208.3 W x 34.3 cm D
Model: 8WM
Holds up to 51 of article #21100 and #21104, or 34 of article #21107 and #21105 ..
Model: 8SWC
Holds up to 102 of article #21100 and #21104, or 68 of article #21107 and #21105 ..
Model: 21104
Color: dark green..
Model: RTOOL
Provides fast cutting of seat belts and cannot be used as a weapon..
TempShield™ Case
Case for article TS1240 and TS2440..
TempShield™, 30.5 x 101.6 cm
Model: TS1240
Excellent for receiving and discharge areas..
Model: TS2440
Fits most standard cell door windows..
Transport Hood
Model: 7000
Helps deter biting and spitting ..
Weapon Taking-up set DNA-free
Model: R00FO8030A
DNA free en steril set for taking up a Weapon. This set contains:   2 pair of Nitrile ..